Welcome to the webpage of the Gorean City of Ko-ro-ba in Second Life!

You are cordially invited to Ko-ro-ba’s Anniversary Celebration on July 17th, 18th, and 19th!!!

Click here to enter the City: Ko-ro-ba

Towers of the Morning

You are invited to:

Sunday 3pm SLT Reading of the Books
in the Librarium by Jonathan Crane

Sunday 4pm SLT “New Event” Chat with Fogaban
of The Gorean Cave

Tuesday Discussion with Ubar
6-7 pm slt

Tournament of Towers
Every other Friday
Starting at 5pm slt

Tarn Racing
Every other Saturday
Starting at 5pm slt

The Towers Dance
Every Saturday Night
with Master Dingo Night
7-9pm slt

All events in the City of Ko-ro-ba in Second Life