Towers of the Morning

“Whereas Ar was glorious, a city of imposting grandeur, acknowledged even by blood foes; whereas Thentis had the proud
violence of the rude mountains of Thentis for its setting; whereas Port Kar could boast of broad Tamber for its sister,
and the gleaming, mysterious Thassa beyond, I thought my city to be truly the most beautiful, its variegated lofty
cylinders rising so gently, so joyfully, among the calm, green hills. An ancient poet, who incredibly enough to the Gorean
mind had sung of the glories of many of the cities of Gor, had spoken of Ko-ro-ba as the Towers of the Morning, and it is
sometimes spoken of by that name. The actual word Ko-ro-ba itself, more prosaically, is simply an expression in archaic
Gorean referring to a village market.”
Outlaw of Gor” Page 39