Ko-ro-ba Tarn Races

Tarn Race Administrator

Dingo Night, Tarn Race Administrator

Every other Saturday night starting at 5pm slt is the Ko-ro-ba Tarn Races!   It is one of the most exciting events in the City of Ko-ro-ba and in Gor on Second Life!  Come join us at the beautiful Outside Tarn Arena in the City of Ko-ro-ba.  The night begins with the renowned Ko-ro-ba Dance Troupe to entertain you.   Then the Masters mount their beautiful tarns and fly through the skies, competing with each other for the fastest time and placement of the winner of the Ko-ro-ba Tarn Races.  It’s so amazing and exciting to watch!   The Tournament is narrated by Goreans Portal Radio.   We hope you come join us!

Second Life url to the Arena in Ko-ro-ba:  Ko-ro-ba Tarn Arena

August 19th Winners:

1st place: Jonathan Crane
2nd plae: Ubar Scar Statosky
3rd place: Ogedai Khan

Tarn Royal Winner: Jonathan Crane


August 3rd Winners:

1st Place: Jonathan Crane
2nd Place: Raven Dionysus
3rd Place: McCoy Pauly

Tarn Royal Winner: Raven Dionysus

14th Anniversary Winners:


2nd-Jonathan Crane

3rd-Rob Rynus Halsden

Tarn Royal-Jonathan Crane

Ko-ro-ba Tarn Race Results for Track 4

1st Place McCoyPauly
2nd Place Raven (ravenheart.dionysus)
3rd Place Rob Rynus (haselden)

Tarn Royale Winner : McCoyPauly

New Track Record by McCoyPauly – 69.1

Congratulations Winners!!!